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Samtek Wireless is a leading cell phone store in the Raleigh area. We provide an unparalleled selection of the very best electronics, quick and timely repair, an easy and comfortable shopping experience and exceptional customer service. Check out our new arrivals, best-sellers and clearance items today!

Who We Are

At Samtek Wireless, our goal is clear: to become the best cell phone store in the Raleigh area. To do that, we provide a wide selection of the best quality gadgets, a unique and enjoyable shopping experience, and extraordinary customer service. Our comprehensive warranties, professional and timely repair, as well as professional support to ensure our customers total satisfaction even after their order is complete.


SIM Card

Electronics aren’t always the most user-friendly products and occasionally can require SIM card. You shouldn’t have to take the time to deal with these issues, which is why we offer replacement options for all our electronics. Contact us for any of your troubleshooting needs.

SIM Card Rentals
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Cell Phone Troubleshooting

We’ve got tons of experience with cell phone troubleshooting. We take pride in our customer service and work to pinpoint and address every issue you face. Feel free to call for more information or to set up an appointment. Don’t worry, the experts at Samtek Wireless are ready and waiting to help you.

Carrier Unlock

At Samtek Wireless, we can unlock your phone from your current carrier and break you free from their shackles! Allowing you to connect your phone to most carriers.

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Phone Repairs

Samtek Wireless is dedicated to giving you professional repairs for all of your iPhone, Android, tablet and iPad needs.
We do professional Apple iPhone screen repairs,battery repairs,home button repairs and other internal repairs. We also specialize in iPad screen/LCD repairs and we do Frame alignment for your iPad.If you have a Samsung we can also professionally repair that device! Our certified, experienced technician is equipped to deal with any major or minor problems that may occur with your device.


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